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A successful career starts with adequate communication. TranslateIND will help you to overcome your language barriers. Count on us!

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What do we provide in TranslateIND?



Your document will be translated by our experienced translator with expertise in the field needed.



We offer our the most suitable interpreter for your event. We provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, based on your needs.


Indonesian/Korean Language Private/Group Teacher

We connect you with experienced language teacher who is capable of teaching target language as you need.

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For Translator/Interpreter/Teacher

Join our squad!

Join our squad!

easy to use TranslateIND services!

Do consultation

Fill out the form we have provided, and we will contact you to give you consultation.

First Step

Get the offer

We will offer you our best translator/interpreter who is suitable for your needs.

Step Two

Finish the Payment & Send Material

If everything is suitable, you only need to finish the payment & send material we need to do / learn before the event.

Step Three

Get to work!

Client and interpreter meet in the event location before the event started (if necessary) to have some discussion or briefing about the event. See you at the venue!

Final Step



Leader of the pack.
Experienced translators, translators and language teachers.



The Tech-Guy
Expert. Nothing less.



Connecting people
Social media specialist.

About Us

TranslateIND provides translation, interpretation services and also Indonesian/Korean language private teachers. All of our services are customized to meet your language needs and give you the best solution to communicate. We have provided translation and interpretation services to many businesses and participated in many kinds of events. In addition, we also have successfully linked many students and competent language teachers.

Count on us and overcome the language barrier!

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